Expertasia Travel is a travel agency founded in the year 2000, by travel experts specialised in South East Asia. Expertasia Travel’s head office is based in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, and has local representatives throughout South East Asia.

Our team

Philippe started in tourism as a tour leader for groups in Thailand, and other neighbouring countries. He then became director of an agency organizing group tours for Belgian and Dutch tour operators.

By listening to the travellers and their needs, Philippe decided to open his own agency: Expertasia Travel. Our team wants the guests to see Thailand and other South East Asian countries from within. We take an innovative approach and let the guest take part in the culture and take them on trails off the beaten track. This combined with extraordinary accommodations are the recipe for an unforgettable holiday.

Expertasia Travel has the deep knowledge of a team of experts, may it be expats or locals that are passionate about Asia, and share the passion of discovering foreign cultures. We offer a unique approach of the country, miles away from mass tourism and clichés.

Our destinations

As Travel Designer, our travel agency specializes in quality travel in Asia:

  • Thailand: The land of smiles
  • Laos: The land of a million elephants
  • Myanmar: The country of golden pagodas
  • Cambodia: The Khmer civilizations
  • Vietnam: The land of the dragon
  • Combi: crisscross Southeast Asia …

A selection of our favourites

Unseen Northern Experiences

2 nights: Nakhon Lampang and Northern Thailand

Discover Thailand Free & Easy

9 Nights: Chiang Mai and Bangkok

Whole Body Wellness Retreat Thailand

14 Nights: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket